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Welcome to Kudrat
A Boutique Homestay.

Nestled in village Bandal adjoining Deodar forest, facing the snow capped Tirth glacier peaks.

Boutique Homestay

Rustic & Plush Rooms

We offer comforts of plush home with a bouquet of 11 beautiful rooms across two houses ‘The Wood House’ and ‘The Stone House’. They are adjacent houses but at different levels.

The Wood House
The Wood House has wooden pillar structure (Kath Kuni) and is traditionally constructed with natural stones dug from the same land and Deodar (Cedar) wood. The flooring used is of hard wood. It’s a 100% stone n wood cottage, made with all natural materials and loads of love.

The House has five bedrooms, living room, library, kitchen & dining. The rooms in the Wood House are named after the animals that frequently visit us:

GF : EEN (Flying squirrel), (SHAAHI (Porcupine)
FF : SHYAL (Fox), KAKKAR (Barking Deer)

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The Stone House
The Stone House is comparatively bigger, more plush and private. It has a reinforced structure, with hard wood flooring and aesthetically looks like a traditional himachali house.

The House has six bedrooms, living room, dining room, recreational room, kitchen & service rooms. It also has a private room for the owners on the 2 nd floor.

The bedrooms have been named after the birds found in the area.

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Boutique Homestay


We offer fixed menu of freshly prepared Local, Indian and Continental food at our designated dining area. And depending on the weather we can serve outdoors or in the patio.

We have fixed well thought menu but if you have any special needs, please feel free to ask us. We will try our best to fulfill it.

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Boutique Homestay


Leisure Village walk, Picnic at Riverside or in forest, Trekking, Camping, Fishing, Angling, Mountain Biking, Motorcycle rides, River crossing, Rock Climbing.

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