Kudrat - A Boutique Homestay

Kudrat is nestled in village Bandal adjoining a beautiful forest, full of Deodar (Cedar) trees and wildlife.

The property is located at an altitude of 6200 feet and faces the snow capped Tirth peaks (14,000 feet) in Great Himalayan National Park (UNESCO Heritage Site) and provides distant views of the famous Tirthan river.

Boutique Homestay

Our Location

We’re on the edge of a village that gives access to great outdoors. Our bedrooms are rustic as well as plush. Here on the hillside, you’ll hear the Tirthan river, beautiful birds and the rustle of wind through the tall Deodars. Walk towards the backside of the house and you set foot in the beautifully quiet lush deodar forest.

You can easily see the tall deodars dancing in the wind. And if you are lucky enough you might catch a glimpse of the Red Fox, flying squirrels (yes, flying squirrels), jungle fowl, numerous birds, mountain goats, Leopards.

Boutique Homestay

Our Rooms

We offer comforts of plush home with a bouquet of 11 beautiful rooms across two houses ‘The Wood House’ and ‘The Stone House’.

Every room has a unique personality, with eclectic, handpicked furniture, linens and art. Balconies have planters and easy chairs, and backyard that opens to forest where you can read, paint, have a long meal or a leisurely tea, all while enjoying the feeling of being in a forest.

Both the beautiful houses incorporate all the comforts of a modern holiday home.

Boutique Homestay

Traditional Architecture

The Wood House has wooden pillar structure (Kath Kuni) and is traditionally constructed made of natural stones dug from the same land and Deodar (Cedar) wood. The flooring used is of hard wood. It’s a 100% stone n wood cottage, made with all natural materials and loads of love.

The Stone House is comparatively bigger, more plush and private. It has a reinforced structure, with hard wood flooring and aesthetically looks like a traditional himachali house.


As the name says, the property is ideal for someone who wants to rejuvenate in real nature with tall trees of deodar and pine, fresh air and loads of peace and tranquility far away from the clutter of the city.

We welcome you to our beautiful house Kudrat (named after our daughter) and assure you of warmth in every corner.

Boutique Homestay