Leisure Village walk

Beautiful villages can be explored in a half day / day trip. Leisure Village walks enable you to enjoy the villages and rural life in remote Himalayan region. Walking on village and forest trails, visiting traditional village houses, temples and spending quality time at breath taking viewpoints. If you happen to take a guide, feel free to ask him about the culture and religious practices of the villages, its people, Devtaas, architecture, ghost stories. Bandal and Sharchi Villages are easy to reach.

Hangout in the property

Boutique Homestay

One can easily spend long ours in the property. Pickup any book from our library and find any place in the house or jump to any hammock in the forest area and the lawn.

Visit Temple

Boutique Homestay

It takes 20 minutes of walk to the Durga Mata Mandir in the village itself. People come from far of areas to visit the deity.

Visit the river

Boutique Homestay

Even if one doesn’t have the patience and energy to fish, just hanging out at the riverbed and listening to the river Tirthan ‘s soothing sound would be an experience in itself