Fishing /Angling

Tirthanriver is a delight for anglers. After obtaining a permit to fish for INR 100 per day, one can choose to hire a guide or rent a fishing rod. Starting from Horenghat to Deori to Gushaini to Ropa to bathad there are many beautiful spots along the river. One important thing – do ask your guide or rod provider for any hidden charges. And yes, do carry some beer.

Mountain Biking

Getting your MTB is a great idea. There are plenty of riding / climbing options on trails and non-metal roads. But make sure your bike has good brakes and you have some great stamina. Renting a bike in the valley looks difficult.

Motorcycle rides

The bends and the narrow roads in and around the valley are definitely more conducive for motorcycling rides. I have been riding my motorcycle here for long time now and I cherish it. Renting options in the valley is not available. The nearest is KulluManali or Chandigarh.

Trips by car

Personally I have driven a lot in hills and my only advise to the guests is - be in control of your vehicle. Be cautious that the roads are narrow and a small mistake can have serious consequences. Give way to cars in hurry and wait on curves for cars to cross you. There is nothing wrong in going slow. Most of the places below – I have travelled myself and shared my own experiences.

Boutique Homestay

Day trip

  • Jibhi – Shringa Rishi temple - Chehni Fort- Sojha - Jalori pass- walk to Seyolsar lake
  • Sharchi
  • Riverside near Bathad
  • Rewalsar lake
  • Jibhi
  • Raghupur fort

Over night trip

  • Manali
  • Solang valley
  • Kasol
  • Manikaran
  • Chandrataal lake
  • Lahoul & Spiti

Adventure lovers

We don’t organize any of this. However we can speak to the service providers and guide you to them.

  • Rappling / River Crossing / Rock climbing: Can be arranged in the valley itself during summers
  • Para gliding: Closest place for this is in and around Manali during summers
  • Snow boarding / Skiing: Closest place for this is in and around Manali during winters
  • ATV rides: Closest place for this is in and around Manali during summers
  • Motorcycle renting: Closest place for this is in and around Manali