The Great Himalayan National Park, GHNP

The Great Himalayan National Park, GHNP is located in the heart of Western Himalayan range and covers areas of Jiwa, Sainj and Tirthan valley. It was inscribed in to list of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014 for the Biodiversity conservation and Exceptional Natural Beauty in the Western Himalayas.

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In GHNP the altitude varies from 1500m to 6000m and has enormous percentages of endemic Flora & Fauna and is also home to few globally threatened mammals, birds & medicinal plants. National park has more the 300 species of birds.

Few Animals: Snow Leopard, Leopard, Himalayan Serow, Himalayan Tahr, Musk Deer, black and Brown Bear, Goral, Blue Sheep, Flying Squirrel, Red Fowl, Porcupine etc Few Birds: Western Tragopan,Monal, Koklas, Cheer Pheasants, Magpie, etc

Questions ask about GHNP

  • How many Kms to Great Himalayan National Park?

    National Park is big. It’s some 1171 square kms in size and is part of Western Himalayas. So what one can easily do is trek to national park gate and come back in the same day. It’s some 9kms or 5 hours going and coming.

    One has to walk along the river and cross few villages and streams. Its a beautiful trek with river always in your sight. Highly recommended.

    But remember there is nothing at the gate of national park. It’s just a gate. Don’t get disappointed instead get your facts right.

  • Whats the difficulty level

    Its 9 kms to the gate and back with couple of villages and shops on the way. It’s an easy trek.

  • Is there a car facility to go in

    No. It’s a trek that starts from gushaini

  • Can we see animals

    Ok it’s a national park and not a zoo. We have to be very patient and lucky to see animals. And till the National Park gate – it’s very rare to see any animals.

  • Can we go alone

    Till the gate, yes. Beyond that one needs permission from forest office at SAIROPA and a qualified guide.

  • What’s the ideal no of days for National Park trek

    It varies from individual to individual. However we recommend at least 1 night to 2 nights stay inside national park. For busy souls – day trek to gate is not a bad idea.

  • What’s there in the name of adventure

    For Fishing enthusiasts – trekking and fishing to national park gate can be a great idea.

    MTB – mountain biking could be adventurous
    Runners can run through the trail
    For lazy and 1st timers- trek to gate itself could be adventurous